Data Drocessing And Data Entry

Managing data is crucial to information support and knowledge management. Data entry and processing outsourcing makes data management easy. Know more about data entry and processing services outsourcing. Data Entry Service | Data Management and Processing | Bihar. If you’re looking for quick and accurate data entry services from an experienced company with the staff and technology to accommodate just about any project ... With data entry outsourcing you can:

Electronize your business cards folder. Make an electronic mailing list from cards/forms. Create e-dictionaries or encyclopedia. Structure your surveys and questionnaires. Enter form data, perform billing entries. Deal with MSDS or bookkeeping entries.

Database Interpretation

You have an opportunity to provide information, advertise, or sell your goods and services to visitors who browse through your site from the databases you operate your company on. Adding information from a database can make your web site an efficient and powerful resource. Comexcomputer (p) Ltd. provides Software, Web, Programming, Database, Development, Design, Custom Custom web programming, application development, database programming, software development, web services including hosting, design and marketing. Some information about your company, such as news and information or available jobs, can change on a daily basis. We can show you how to strategically put these types of information from your company database on your site, and then create custom web routines to add, modify, or delete records from your database.

Database Design

Comexcomputer (p) Ltd. specialize in affordable database design for small business to mid-sized business. Our services are available to anyone that requires Database Design. Each Databases comes with a detailed manual, training and technical support. Database Design can cover many areas for your business. It is an interactive communication between your business and your customers. Your information may be saved in a database for customers to view. Your information may be changing on a regular basis; therefore, by saving this information in a database, your customers will always have the latest information. A good example of a database application is the Automated Reservation and Appointment System. This system saves all information that customers enter when they make an appointment with you. You can use this information to come up with statistics on your customers, cut down dramatically on time spent on the phone and be able to establish patterns about your customers. Effectively, you are building a foundation of information, which can help you expand your business. We design databases that can be used for Internet applications via a web browser or in the confines of your office. We generally use one of the following relational databases:

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is a robust database server ideal for larger corporate database applications. Many businesses running Microsoft Small Business Server will have this tool available to them for running office applications, Intranet applications or even their own Internet web site.

Microsoft Access

This relational database tool included with Microsoft Office but can be delivered as a run-time application to your business. It is suitable for the small business where less than 20 staff are using the system at any one time.


This relational database is "open source", meaning that it can be used freely. It is best employed as a web based database in conjunction with Apache web servers. It is the database tool we use for our web-hosting packages. Based on your needs, Comexcomputer (p) Ltd. will design and maintain your database. We will review your needs carefully each step of the way. With the ability to utilizing a number of programming languages such as PHP, Cold Fusion, VB.NET, C#, HTML or classic ASP, Comexcomputer (p) Ltd. has a long history of creating web sites that access information in existing company databases and creating search engine optimized HTML pages