Hardware Solutions

We are specialist in providing on site computer repair services and network support for all sized business, on site computer and network services that are convenient and reliable.

Some of PC Issues:

Partition creation Applications configuration and usage (Windows OS, Microsoft Office, how-to, installation errors, burning software, etc.)
New network setup with router and systems Antivirus / spyware installation and setup
Operating systems (Non-data destructive – parallel install, data backup and then OSRI) Connecting a computer to an existing network
Education on backup / recovery (walking through use of CDs or external hard drive) Internet browser conflicts, compatibility and advanced web applications
System enhancement (cleaning up system, registry and startup programs) Networking and wireless usage (media center, file sharing, mapping drives, etc.)
Malware / spam / virus removal Third-party software and hardware installation (webcams, modems, external storage, PDAs, fax, digital media players)
We offer the following services :
Sale of computers, Laptops & Peripherals
Virus cleaning services
AMC (Annual Maintainance Contract)
Networking services and solutions
Data Recovery
Sale of computers, Laptops & Peripherals
We are specialized in sales and service of Desktop Computers, Laptops, Servers, Workstations, Thin Clients, Network Peripherals, Server Racks, computer Peripherals like Processors,Mother Boards, RAMs, Hard disk,Adaptors, monitors, LCD TFT screens, DMP, Deskjet, Laser Printers, Plotters, Scanners, Modems,Networking Hubs, Networking Switches, ISDN, VPN Routers, Wireless Routers etc. We deals in old desktop Computers, old laptops, old servers,old workstations, old printers, Network peripherals also with wide range of configurations. We offer hardware up-gradation, installation of operating systems and other software.

Virus cleaning services
We have the expert people to come to your office or home to fix up your computer virus problems. 
• Computer scanning for virus.
• Cleaning unlimited number of infected files.
• After-service telephone support and consultation.
• Volume discount for more than 3 computers on the same site.
• Charges does not include installation of antivirus software or Windows operating system,if required. 

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)
The maintenance contract service (for all type of Branded Servers, desktops, laptops, thin clients, workstations) is designed for business, for them who want maximum output from Computer Infrastructure and employees. By accepting such agreement you can get more productivity, less expenditure for maintenance and upgardation The contract also includes regular site visits to carry out preventive maintenance procedures, to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum. You will also receive unlimited advice and support to ensure you are getting the most from your current I.T. infrastructure both now and in the future. 
You will also receive unlimited advice and support to ensure you are getting the most from your current I.T. infrastructure both now and in the future. Our technical support department provides prompt support by telephone, remote and onsite support from a single source, where and when you need it. To that end, our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) ensures that your software is always supported and up to date. 
Priority Services for customer who have AMC : 
• 4 Preventive maintenance visits.
• Priority Services for customer who have AMC.
• It is a one time decision and saves valuable time.
• Cost effective charges and quality service deliverables.
• Trained Service professionals - A team of highly energetic professionals. 
• Committed response time and repair time.
• Technical support is available at your place within short time. 
• Unlimited online support is offered during office hours through phone/ internet.
• We offer solutions to hardware problems, to reduce your machines down time. 

Networking services and solutions
We are skilled engineers to do wired and wireless network, We so design Network, Structure Cabling, Network Configuration, Expansion of Network, Wireless Network We undertake network cabling using At&t / Dlink CAT 5, CAT 6 cabling. We can undertake turnkey projects too for structured cabling. We also do the Wireless Networking.

Data Recovery
Our technical expertise include hard disk recovery, server recovery. Our capabilities include most of all operating systems (Windows, Novell or Unix/Linux etc) . We quickly resolve all combinations of logical and physical problems such as hard disk crash, controller failure, inaccessible Unix system, file delete, O/S re-install, floppy read errors, upgrade failure, restore failure, flashcard re-format.